Tekspecz Year Ending Best Tech: The Best Most Expensive Hardware 2014

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I just love hardware,I consider myself a true hardware junkie,seriously I am. I spend the better part of my daily life writing about hardware,fixing it and assorting it all into my nest PC build. Its a ole saying,(my saying) good hardware almost always runs great software,period.

Builders like myself if by choice would much rather choose the best hardware money can buy. Some of us though don't have the financial means to purchase that top of the line hardware, often resorting  to the mid-range option. Let's face it,building PC's can be a bit expensive even with mid-range hardware. If though you happen to be the 1%  that have money to burn and want the more expensive option,then here's a look at the top PC hardware in 2014.




The Best Processor 2014 Haswell E Intel 3.0 GHz Core i7 560x Price Value: $1,090

When we rate things in a sports metaphoric sense,we'll usually say the Micheal Jordan of this, or the Lebron James of that. In the case of the Intel Haswell E,its definitely the Lebron James of central processing units. It doesn't have the fastest clock speed around,but what it lacks in speed it makes it up in cores,many many cores that is in the sum 8-cores altogether,with 16 Threads,20MB of L3 cache. In addition it has 40 PCI express lanes. Extreme multitasking would definitely have to be associated with this Haswell E Intel processor.



The fastest Graphic card 2014 AMD Radeon R9 295x2 Price Value:$999

Word on the street is the AMD Radeon 295x2 is the fastest graphic card on the planet,the features on this graphic card most certainly justifies its speed.It has 8GB of graphic memory,1018MHz GPU clock speed,500 MHz memory clock. This graphic card is so fast,it even has its own liquid cooling fan attached to it just to keep things stable.

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The Best Most Expensive Motherboard 2014 ASRock X99 Extreme 11 Price Value: $650

What can $650 buy you nowadays,a motherboard of course. The X99 Extreme grants you with some pretty cool features that boosts extra power and speed to your GPU. The star feature on this motherboard is the storage technology. The X99 Extreme11 can support up to 18 SATA devices on one motherboard, and supports RAID 0/1. It can also allow 6.1 GBps at peak read/write speed when top tier SATA drives are connected to each port.Similar to the Z87,the Extreme 11 uses two couple PLX chips that allows x16/x16/x16/x16PCI e support combine with the LSI chip.

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 The Best 4K Flat Panel 2014  Asus  PQ321Q Price Value:$1499.99

Probably the best 4K flat panel displays that large sums of money can buy. Thirty inches in measurements, a 3840 x 2160 resolution,with an astounding 8 million pixels.This widescreen LED backlight LCD monitor will go well with that $1,000 graphic card I just mentioned in the above paragraphs.Other added additions are adjustable built-in speakers and a headphone jack,probably first monitor of its kind on the market. It