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Tek-torial Presents: How To Setup Your New Xmas Gift Tablet The iPad

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If you're one of millions of would be new tablet owners and I say this in future tense because tablets will definitely be the hot gadget for Xmas, then you're in luck,you stumbled upon one of many Tek-torials that will be posted the upcoming days leading right up to Xmas.I'll show you right now in just a few simple steps how to setup your brand new iPad. If you're already an iPhone owner then you don't really need to view this post as the setup process is pretty much identical,but if you want to read the post because you like my brilliant digital periodical,feel free to read and expand the mind and read right along.


Now for you first time iPad owners,other than quite the obvious powering the device on,always make sure you have the needed accessories that come with the tablet,that would be the lighting cable and the power brick. Believe it or not,I've read reports where consumers were actually missing these items.


Once you power up,the iPad will welcome you to its device which then you'll have the choice between your native languages,choose English of course. Now here's where it gets interesting,assuming that you have a Apple account,type in your account name which is usually your email account. You're also given a choice to setup your account right then and there,so if you don't have an account,setup it now.

Once you setup your account,or typed in your account password ,you can by choice setup iCloud,but if you're new to the whole Apple experience,I would hold off on iCloud for now. If you don't know what iCloud is,its basically one of many cloud base storage apps. Once you setup your account,you will be taken to your display,you'll see a variety of defaulted Apple apps.


Now my recommendation is to first download apps you'll need,you'll need a web browser because Safari that's defaulted on the iPad in my opinion is trash. Download Google Chrome,the best browser period on any platform be it mobile or desktop. Now you're going to need to check the weather on the go,right this moment install the Weather Channel app or you can install Yahoo weather app,two very straight forward apps that gives the forecast without all the fancy bells and whistles.


Now you need to keep tabs of what's going in the the social media circuit,you'll need to install the Facebook app,which is created by none other than,then there's Twitter,the app that is. The best Twitter app for the iPad by far is TweetBot,enough said.

Then you'll need some form of video entertainment,in comes YouTube and Netfllix. I probably spend the majority of my iPad time on those two apps alone.

After downloading all the apps I recommended,the rest is to your discretion. Try keeping tabs with other websites on app recommendation for the iPad, BGR and Cnet do a go job at revealing top mobile apps that's out there for download.

Before we end this Tek-torial,we must talk connection. Now if you have a Wifi only device,simply just connect it to your router or any WiFi access points. Now there is the WiFi and Cellular version (which is what I have) go right to your settings and setup your Broadband account.

Enjoy your new Xmas iPad....



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