The Best Overall Gadget 2014: The Surface Pro 3

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Whether you want to call it a tablet or a laptop,the Surface Pro 3 gets my vote as the best gadget of the year. For the record, I consider the Surface Pro 3 a full fledged laptop with touch screen capability with added bit of flare.I'll would just call it a hybrid device for short because that's what seemingly it is.

There are several key factors that makes the Surface Pro 3 my pick for gadget of the year. There is the thin compact perfectly squared off design, a well illuminated 2160 x 1440 resolution touchscreen display. An assortment of awesome hardware starting with the latest dual-core Intel Core i3 or i7 processors with a 1.5GHz clock speed,a 4GB max RAM support, and the latest Intel HD 4200 Graphics. In performance, the Surface Pro 3 behaves like a mid-range desktop,which itself is a compliment.


With all the complimentary features I've just mentioned thus far,probably the main attraction with the Surface Pro 3 is its responsive super thin keyboard,(the keyboard sadly is sold separately) which gives the device its overall character in my opinion. Then we have the kickstand which offers users the perfect viewing angle.


Yes 2014 was once again the year of the smartphone,but overall the Surface Pro garnished up enough praises from myself and many others to be the gadget of the year. Its the only Windows portable machine that fiercely rivals the Macbook Air.