How To Ruin Xmas For The Kids? Hack Xbox Live and PSN

File-It-Under: Networking hacks By: D.F.Skin  



If you're one of millions of gaming console owners be it PlayStation and Xbox,or if got your brand new console for Xmas and was eager to tryout you're new Call of Duty game,then you were  fortunate enough to see this dreaded message; PSN Status: Offline . This was because both gaming networks were subjected to a big time extreme hack,which brought down both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. So far while writing this post, Sony and Microsoft have yet acknowledge the cause.

The only group taking credit for these hacks boasted their claim on Twitter who go by the name Lizard Squad,yeah I know not necessarily a name that sounds threaten but nonetheless,they are responsible taking down an entire network.

The Xbox Live  were a little bit more straightforward with their information,while the PSN simply said,well this, "offline". There are several Xbox services that are already running that includes your purchase content,multimedia,and the entire website itself.

This of course does not bold well for Sony as this the second time in so many weeks they have been hacked. As of now it seems the networks are still down,soon as both the Xbox Live and PSN go up I will post a followup on social media.