PC Tools Weekly: Core Temp and CPUID CPU-Z

File-It-Under: Tools for your system By:D.F.Skinner  

Welcome back to the long overdue PC Tools Weekly,this week we take a look at two  hardware monitoring apps that's used by many PC builders including myself,and they are Core Temp and CPUID CPU-Z.



Core Temp is a super powerful no nonsense app that monitors the processor temperature and other vital components in your system.What makes Core Temp so unique is it displays the temperature of each individual working core in your systems processor. You can view fluctuated temperatures in real time in varying workloads. Core Temp also analyzes your motherboard. The only drawback in using this particular software is its rather powerful and has a tendency to stall your system when in use. That could be because Core Temp places a heavy load on your systems processor.





With CPU-Z,its more of a system monitoring software that gives a profile of all of your working hardware in your system without the computer users need to open up your case. It gives you information on your CPU clock cores,your graphic card and displays the SPD data from your memory modules. Usually system builders who like to overclock their PC's will almost always use this app as a guideline as to how well their hardware is holding up under stress.

Both of these apps are open source and free and can be found on their respective websites. As always please stay far away from free download sites like CNET which always offload malware and Internet tracking software onto your computer.