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The Klipsch Image S4i-II White In-Ear Headphones: The Review

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Its been awhile since I've done a review,its a long time coming,without wasting precious text,lets get right into it,my new Xmas gift the Klipsch Image S4i ll ear buds. The S4ii is another long line of noise canceling headphones with 3-button remote and added mic, patented oval ear tips that does provide some comfort,more on that later. Now that I have outlined the features with the Klipsch S4i I have some things to say about these all white ear-buds.


First off the design of the S4i II is pretty sleek,I've never had white headphones except for the never use defaulted white headphones that comes with the iPhone. I mean black has always been my color, I feel all white headphones is a bit to feminine for me and no I'm in no way shape or form bashing females. For the most part the all white color scheme seem to bold well with the Klipsch S4ii.



There is a problem,wait let me rephrase that,there is a major problem with the cable and 3-button remote on the Klipsch S4ii. First off the cable with this particular model are flat which suppose to keep the cable from mysteriously forming into a tangle ball. Which I have to say so far I have not experience any forms of cable tangling.

Then we have the remote mic and volume rocker which is convenient provided that it won't fail on me. Its seems like every headphones I've purchased in the past couple of years that have 3-button remotes seem to all go bad on me after about a couple months of usage, so in essence 3-button remote headphones aren't the most durable devices.


The flat build cables combine with the remote can be a bit weighed down so its important that you really fit the buds in your ears nice and snuggley. The sound though,that's whole new topic.

About that sound,man,probably the best sounding headphones in particularly for ear-buds Iv'e ever purchased. In fact,even my much older Klipsch ear buds still output incredible sound. These Klipsch S4ii has a combination of perfect bass with even leveled highs and lows. I always said this,too much bass does not make for great sound,I'm sure most would agree. The drawback with the sound with the Klipsch S4ii is you might have to turn your music down a bit so you ear-drums won't explode out of  your skull,that speaks volumes on the sound clarity. The the sound isolation with the Klipsch S4ii is absolutely perfect,there is no leakage of outside noise at all,its just you and your music. I must forewarn you,I would not wear these headphones walking down a dark street with the sound volume turn on full blast.

All and all,if you can withstand the heaviness of the 3-button remote and cables I say these headphones are a definite buy. They were $78 on Amazon,but since then the price have risen to $99 which for me is a bit high,especially when most earbud headphones seem to have a minimum shelf life. The sound alone on these Klipsch S4ii makes it worth the purchasing.




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