The NVIDIA Shield Tablet Get A OTA2.1 Update

File-It-Under: Device updating By: D.F.Skinner  


If you're a owner of the NVIDIA SHIELD then you are in a good standing to receive a huge update, software version 2.1. This new release will update in increments Android Lollipop to 5.0.1,sprinkle a bit of software bundle,improve localization support and will add OpenGL 4.5.

Though Google normally doesn't support OpenGL on the entire platform, NVIDIDA will still institutes its very own SDKs. The main features within this new update is mostly geared toward software security.

Now this is somewhat old news as the update was released last week technically,but felt incline to write this post for you NVIDIA Shield tablet owners or potential owners. If you read my year ending tablet award post,the NVIDIA SHIELD was my choice as one of the best tablets in 2014.It's a great gaming tablet where you can actually play some pretty decent games, and the SHIELD has damn good hardware.