The Worlds Thinnest Hard Drive The Seagate 7

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Apple and One Plus One have launched some of the thinnest smartphones on the market,I mean what can be any thinner? A hard drive.That's right, there's a new hard drive that's being launch by Seagate and it's call Seven. The name origin comes from the measurements of the hard drive itself which is 7-mm thick,you get it? The hard drive believe  it or not is not a solid state drive,it'll have actual physical spinning platters at incredible speed within an all-steel chassis. The launching of the hard drive will commemorate the 35th anniversary of Seagate introducing  the world's first mass produced 5.25-inch storage drive for the PC.


There are no full details of the Seagate 7 hard drive other than it will have a 500GB capacity and retail for $99.99, it will be available mid-to late January.


Credit Source: The Verge and Seagate