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Five Features In Windows 10 That Will Make You Hate Windows 8.1

Windows 8 is a good operating system,well its just that,only good. The problem with Windows 8 is trying to navigate around the operating system is like traveling through an infinite maze where there's no ending nor way out of the dam thing. The whole Metro Tile interface can be a bit confusing.Features such as the Start Menu button being taken out of the equation caused a mass revolt amongst PC users,to the point many downgraded back to Windows 7. Now if you tweaked Windows 8.1 with third party software such as Windows 7 shell,then things are pretty much back to normal with the Start button back in place. Yet still,there should not have to be a need for a  third party software to make Windows 8.1 look like a normal desktop.

If you're a big follower of whats going on with Microsoft,then you should know Microsoft last week has taken the bed sheets off its new operating system and showed you many great features. Windows 10, is next big release from Microsoft you don't know by now. Its so big,they decided to skip the number 9 and head right over to the next digit.There are some features within Windows 10 that should have been instituted in Windows 8.1,seriously. Hey,there is even the Start button,yeah its back. There are a shit load of features in Windows,enough to make you extremely pissed off at your current lame duck operating system that is call Windows 8.1.

Here's top five features in Windows 10 that will have you starring with a angry gaze at Windows 8.1,and they are...

There is Hardware Detection

Windows 10 will know whether or not if its installed on a desktop,tablet hybrid device,all-in one PC and emphasize it accordingly,the desktop will look just like a normal desktop, similar to Windows 7,right.


Snap Assist Is Much Better


You will no longer need two monitors to expand your desktop apps on your monitor. With Snap Assist,you can multi-view much easier with multiple desktops open to jump from one app to another.Windows will even advise users which app groups well together,nice.


Universal Apps On a Desktop,There is Indeed a God

No more wasting valuable time choosing between desktop app and launcher apps,you can operate any app within the desktop view. Newer apps will no longer dominate your full screen,users can re-size their apps as so fit.


Task View Is Apple Expose Inspired Which Is A Good Thing

Just like with Apple's own Expose' Task View will allow Windows users to get a birds-eye view of running apps and juggle between each app,true multitasking at its finest right here.


The Start Menu Is Back with a beastly vengeance

The Start Menu is back and I'm sure its here to stay. Its hard to believe that deleting this features from an operatiting system would cause so much uproar and rightfully so, its a feature that's needed, it takes away from all the mass confusing in trying to navigate around the operating system. Windows 10 version is a  beast,you can pin apps,customize it and yes,you can search from the start menu again.






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