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Here's What You Need To Know About The Lenovo Yoga 900

What you need to know about the Lenovo 900 Yoga? This particular model does not use the Intel Core M processor,which by the way is commonly installed in most Ultra-books that's being sold on the market. The 900 Yoga houses the 6th generation Intel Skylake processor, this is a big deal for anyone interested in purchasing this laptop. You get a much faster multi core CPU which makes this computer capable of running heavy duty applications.

Lenovo has taken a different approach to its design,unlike the Surface Pro machines which places more emphasis on being more of a tablet, the Yoga 900 makes it very clear to potential buyers its a laptop first. From my viewpoint its definitely more of a high powered ultra portable  laptop with touch screen capability. The watchband hinge adds a bit of uniqueness to the overall design. Make no mistake I would consider this to be a  powerful piece of machinery as it has the impeccable hardware to support my claim.

 Speaking of which, for me the defining feature with the Yoga 900 is the display and its quality collection of hardware. First lets look at the display, its rocking a crispy bright QHD + 3200  x 1800 IPS multi screen.  What about that hardware? Its sporting the latest 6th Gen Intel Core i7 (you have your choices in the i76500U or i5-6200U) processor, Up to 512GB SSD, Up to 16GB LP-DDR3 memory, for video it uses a HD Intel graphics. On the audio front,the Yoga 900 gets tricked out with some JBL stereo speakers with Dolby Home Theater certification. Now here's the thing, unless you have built-in sub woofers I find it hard to believe you'll have the duplicated sound of an actual home theater system but I digress.  Aside from having the standard USB 3.0 port ( 2 to be exact), the Yoga 900 has the new USB Type C 3.0 port/ with video out.

The Yoga 900 starts out at $1,099, this is quite a good deal with the 2nd tier option considering the decent hardware you get inside.


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