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Dark Sky New Update Makes It The Best Weather App For The iPhone

There are a great deal of weather apps for the iPhone,its rather tough to judge which app is the best. If you're going to only just judge interface alone,then I would have to say the Weather Channel and Yahoo weather app for me has the best looking interface. Just like what you have with  the Weather Channel and Yahoo app, those two apps like most don't stand apart when giving accurate weather,what I'm trying to say is they all seem to produce the same data mainly because they all get their information from government run weather stations. Dark Sky which is a very popular weather has gotten a big update bringing you new flavor on how we view weather data.

The new version Dark Sky has gone far and beyond in predicting the weather,unlike other apps which uses government own weather stations to provide you with data,Dark Sky collects its data using Barometers that's within your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Dark Sky for me its best feature is crowd sourcing method that is made popular with a lot of weather apps. User also can choose if they want to manually submit a detail weather report of their current area,think of this as a way users can directly interact with the Dark Sky.

What I love about Dark Sky

I would have to rank this app as one the best apps I've installed on this iPhone 6 Plus to date,yet at the same time  it's a great app that gives you accurate weather information. It graphical interface is spot on,nice clean and sharp. One of the things Dark Sky is known for is giving you real time satellite imagery of the city you live in. With the new Dark Sky,you have real time satellite images of the entire planet as a option. You can also pinch your display and expand or shrink the image. Also with the satellite images,you have the option to switch from precipitation mode right over to temperature mode which gives you warm and cool areas using tempered  color hues.For an example red and orange hues means the  area has a warm air mass, green and blue hues indicates cool or cold air mass.

Dark Sky as I mentioned before gives accurate information of your areas weather,I mean it breaks it all down to the UV index,the humidity readings and wind speed on the hour,every hour. With one swipe of the finger you also have full access to your 5 day forecast,even predicts the conditions each day.wind speed,humidity etc.

Swipe right over to the Alerts Location I love the fact you the user have an option to customize your notifications and alerts. Speaking of which,Dark Sky does a pretty decent job with alerts and notification.

What I hate about Dark Sky

Apps like Dark Sky that constantly updates its data almost always have the case of the crashes which is what I've experienced with Dark Sky on numerous occasion,which left me no choice but to constantly reboot the app. I also experience my smartphone getting very warm while running Dark Sky which tells me that the app is a resource hog. I also want to caution readers if you're running this app,it will most definitely consume a great portion of your Internet data. If you're trying to conserve your data,my suggestion is switch right over to a WiFi connection when using this app,other than that I would use Dark Sky sparingly.


With issues with the app using so much of your iPhone's resources, the app itself is still a must have, especially if you're a big time weather junkie who likes to keep tabs on the  weather while on the go. As I mentioned before,by far this is the best weather app you have on your iPhone.

Dark Sky is not cheap at all,they $4.99 which is very pricey for a app in my opinion. The only reason why I was able to get the new an improve update because it was,well an update I purchased Dark Sky last year. I normally don't always recommend apps that you should pay for,but Dark Sky for me is worth the money. Dark Sky is a iPhone only app and it is currently available in the app store.

A little nugget of information for you: If you're going to download Dark Sky your iPhone must be running iOS 7 or later. Dark Sky works best with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus because if its built in Barometer.

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