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Corsair's Crystal Series 570X Full Tempered Glass PC Case

While sticking to the topic of PC cases,  I mind as well tell you about what Corsair have to offer.  They're offering a  Crystal Series 570X Full Tempered Glass PC case. Lofty trend starting to develop here as you're starting to see a great deal of these PC cases appear on the market. I  just covered the  NZXT's Source Elite S340 in my last post and it is quite impressive in its own right and yes it was tempered glass, Corsair's Crystal Series 570X most certainly holds true to its branding in being crystal clear,  literally.

Image  source: Corsair

Image  source: Corsair

The Crystal Series 570X is much different from NZXT Source Elite in that the tempered glass encloses the entire chassis, every single working component is on full display for the world to see. Admittedly, I would love to use this case in my next PC build as it is brilliantly design without an over abundance of over the top features. Its a well define sleek PC case that's, well, all glass. Adding to a already impressive case includes three vivid SP120 RGB LED fans and a built-in LED controller.

Tempered glass, RGB lighting is indeed impressive, yes, but lets talk about other features included in the Crystal Series 570X ATX case. The direct Airflow path has a pretty unique setup, the drive cages are moved up and out of the path cool air from the front intake fan, which should keep high temperature components nice and cool.

 PC cases that have a minimal setup are almost always a deal breaker for me, the Corsair Crystal 570X is that, a minimalist chassis that has a tool-free drive installation and a three-point dust filter access. Judging from the images I've viewed in cyberspace, potential purchasers of this PC case will spend minimal time installing hardware.

Lets talk specs and included content, first the content, the chassis includes a accessory kit and quick start guide, yes I know not something to really get overly excited about as you get this will all PC cases, but lets direct our attention to cases specifications. In terms of dimensions, the Crystal Series 570X L x W x H measures in at 480 x 234 x 512mm ( 18.9 in x 9.21 in x 20.1 in). The max graphic card allowed is  370mm ( 14.5 inch). It has a 170mm (6.69 inch) Max CPU cooler height and a 225mm (8.25 inch) Max PSU length. There is 7 expansion slots , 2-3.5" drive bays and 2-2.5" bays. Cooling layout goes as follows, included is a 3 x 120mm RGB fans. The Crystal Series 570X radiator comparability suggests you can fit any radiator into this case, 360mm and 280mm for the front only, 2450mm front or top and 120mm front, top, or rear, yes there is the ever so important dust filters.

Let's not forget the front panel inclusions, 3-button RGB controller, 2-USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, and a well placed reset and power buttons.

The Crystal 570X PC case is definitely made for PC builders looking to add some jazz to their next PC build. It has a nicely placed RGB lighting and well define tempered glass gives it that sci-fi futuristic flavor. There is a proverbial BUT to this impressive PC case. It has a  nice,sleek, chassis but probably the only turn off is price, at $179. Nonetheless, I think I will be using this case in my next build, how about you?



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