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The Most Impressive Gadgets at CES 2017: Count Em Three

Once again CES  has come and gone, and yes, once again Ive  failed to make a trip to Las Vegas and be the attending participate of the electronic trade show that's attended by hundreds and thousands.  Anyhow, there were some pretty impressive tech (hence the title) being displayed at CES 2017.  Cars and TV's once again were the dominant on looks from the attendees at the worldly famous trade show, and yes many many concepts.

Being that I was not at CES 2017, I've read plenty of articles from known tech publications that did a great job capturing the moment. I came away highly impressed with some of the gadgets and tech that were displayed, three such gadgets really got my focused attention. 

Some of these gadgets or tech are impressively over the top, you wonder if all will make its way into consumer market in the near future, or are these just marketable concepts to boast corporate reputation. Enough with the rambled intro, here's the list of the most Impressive  gadgets at CES 2017.


Impression Number 1: The Acer Predator  21x $9,000 gaming Laptop

First off, this  $9,000 gaming laptop created by Acer had me wondering if this wasstolen from the Bat Cav,  impressive? Yes, ridiculously over the top? Most definitely. This gaming laptop, of you call it that is packing some serious hardware. First off just take a look at its massive 21-inch curve display that has 2,560 x 1080 pixels with an insane 120Hz refresh rate and  Nvidia's G-Sync technology. Lets talk hardware because this where it gets interesting.  Its rocking the latest new 7th generation Intel-Core i7-7820 HK (overclock ready) processor, it can house five storage drives at one time and I might add two operating powers supplies, five system fans, nine headpipes which in the case of the Acer Predator 21 x  is surely needed  to cool this beast.

Oh I'm not done yet listing  these features,  there's the HDMI port and two DisplayPorts, which for a insane ( a word used very loosely) system like this is rather mundane, why not 3 HDMI ports? But I digress. When it comes to sound the Acer Predator got you covered  with four speakers and two sub woofers. And, throw in the mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX switches which has RGB LED lighting, you have yourself that makings of something I would consider to be alien like technology.

You may need a very big knapack, yeah

You may need a very big knapack, yeah

All jokes aside, Acer want $9,000 for this herculean laptop, so its safe to say this is no concept, there is no time table on market release, but according to various reports,  expect it to be launch sometime next month. 

 Oh I must add, if you plan on buying this laptop, you'll of course need lots of Benjamin's and you may need to spend great of time in the gym as this device weighs a hefty 19.4 pounds.


Impression number 2: Razer Blade's Project Valerie

Don't  expect anything unusual with Razer when it comes to their line of laptops which are one the best in the market infusing the Eee  usual impeccable hardware within.  Every year at CES,  Razer unveils some crazy PC concepts that usually don't make it to consumer market.  You have to admit, some of these concepts are pretty impressive. Razers newest prototype  that's garnished a barrage of onlookers at CES is a laptop dubbed Project Valerie which is oddly different  from any of Razer current lineup of laptops.  

The 17-inch laptop has a much thicker uni body with good reason, it deploys two additional monitors that lies hidden inside the lid, a definite industry first. Razer is calling this "automated deployment mechanism" which is an accurate description. The additional displays comes out of the side of the main display, something I've never seen in any laptop during my tenure in the technology realm. 

Three displays in one though

Three displays in one though

Powering these displays is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, using Nividia's own G-sync technology. 

The Blade series laptop weighs a mere 3 pounds or less,  rail thin at just 10mm, which is main staple for any Razer.  Adding extra displays will of course increase the laptops weight at 12 pounds and thickness at 1.5 inches. 

There is no word from Razer on whether or not this concept laptop will land on the market for sale.


Impression Number 3: LG's W7 Ultra thin "wallpaper"  OLED TV

The LG W7 OLED TV is so thin its thicker than your typical house key, no seriously it has the same thickness of that of a house key, there's are pictures to document this claim inserted into this post. Its so thin at just 2.57mm or one tenth, it can't be supported on legs or a pedestal TV stand unless you want the TV to end up on the floor.

Rail thin and all, the W7 which comes in 65-inch and 77-inch can still be viewed in 4KHDR with no back lighting. No wall mounts on this planet will be able to support such TV, to attach it to any wall, you'll need specialize magnetic brackets.



The TV's downside in my opinion is its somewhat of a behemoth sound bar that's attached with a ultra thin wide 82-inch ribbon cable, I guess sacrifices had to be made when creating a device so thin. The sound bar main intention is to sit just below the TV, it features a Dolby Atmos sound, the same technology used in movies theater's. In the rear portion of the sound bar you'll find full HDMI support in not only speakers itself, but the TV as well.

If you're thinking that LG is billing the W7 OLED super thin TV's as concepts, guess again. LG will start shipping the 65-inch models in March for $8,00. There is no timetable as to when will LG ship its 77-inch variant.

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