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The Samsung Galaxy S8: More Leaks,Colors and Pricing

Topic: Device leaks

Not so distant past I profiled leaked images of the Samsung next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 and S8-Plus courtesy of SlashLeaks. Now we have another Galaxy 8  sighting, and yes I know this latest leaks I'm about to reveal is one of many that's popping up all over the Internet, but this particular leak reveals actual colors of the flagship handset and pricing.

The S8 and the larger variant the S8-plus is expected to be unveiled at the end of this month, and according the latest image leaks courtesy of Evan Bass via Twitter, it will be available in "black sky" "orchid grey" and "arctic silver.

A follow up tweet from Evan Bass reveals the Euro pricing for not only smartphone but we should expect to see a Gear VR headset, Gear 360 camera and the DeX docking station as well. The pending cost of the Galaxy S8  will go as follows: €799, £690, and AU$1,120, convert to US currency it will be $860, for the S8 Plus variant the pending price will cost you €899,  £780 and AU$1,250 converting to $965 US.

Adding more to rumor the Galaxy S8 will have a dual-curve display, ultra-high def 4K resolution, a renewed home button and facial or iris scanning, which we definitely could see come to fruition since the late failed Galaxy Note 7 did have a iris scanning feature.

March 29 is where the Unbox event will take place, stay tune...

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