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FacebBook Messenger Will Now Let Users Share Location With Your Friends, Temporarily That Is

Don't know if this is a good thing or what but here goes, as of today March 27th 2017 Facebook will now afford users to  share your location via messenger, this will be dubbed "Live Location".  Now the whole premise behind what Facebook is doing is to allow users share location with one friend, or a group of friends. I take it to aid those who are planning on a meetup at a particular location.


By default, the location will be shared for only 60 minutes. If users decide to stop sharing, users can immediately do so. Good thing about this feature is Facebook didn't permanently enable this feature, if by chance user forget to turn it off.

To have full access to this feature, users have to update Messenger, you can upon reading this post can go right ahead and download it right now

How the this feature operates is quite simple, just tap the location icon inside of chat. After you tap the location option, you can tap the blue bar that offers users to share "Live Location". Once done from there, the recipient will be given the full details for one hour, and be able to find their way to you.

Now I said early in this post "I don't know if this is a good thing" because I'm always wary about anything Facebook does when it comes to sharing information of sorts. Nevertheless, this feature can prove beneficial in the long run.


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