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The Bug Report: Update Roll Outs From Samsung To Fix Galaxy S8 Red Tint Display and WI Fi Issues

Topic:Device Bugs

Oh no, Samsung we have a problem, seems like you're having some issues with your display on your flagship devices.  Various reports for he past couple days from early purchasers of the Samsung Galaxy 8 smartphone are experiencing displays that's giving off a noticeable red tint. Now this is not happening with all models just some, enough to warrant some attention from the media and of course, Samsung. 

 The South Korean tech conglomerate are stating that this is not a hardware issue, and can be resolved with a software update patch. Then again, we all heard this before, you know the whole detonating battery issue that took place with the Note 7, Samsung offered every excuse in the book before ditching their flagship device altogether. Lets for their sake it's not a hardware issue, but merely a glitch in software. 

 In addition to problematic issues with the display, there are also reports of poor WiFi reception with the  Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and yes the update patch should fix it as well. 

Source Image Consumer Report: This image was taken at Consumer Reports labs, notice the red tint display on the right.

Source Image Consumer Report: This image was taken at Consumer Reports labs, notice the red tint display on the right.

Anyone who already purchased this smartphone have the option to dismiss the display issue by simply going right straight to settings and adjust the color , that is if you don't want wait for Samsung to issue a update patch. Quick tutorial, open the display menu, tap directly into screen mode and from there you tap the color balance menu at the very bottom of the screen. This will allow users to manually control the red, green, and blue hues that's shown on the display.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is arguably the best handheld mobile device on the market to date, it has a gorgeous display, impeccable hardware and interesting set of features. Consumers are laying out a great amount of cash to access this device. Lets Samsung rapid acknowledgement of their bug issue will avoid further problems down the line. 


Source: consumer Report


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