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Hardware Pick Of The Month: Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 Heat Sink Air Cooler

If you're on a budget constraint yet desire to build a computer without breaking the wallet, good news luckily for the penny pinching  PC I bring you the Contac Silent 12 CPU air cooler, at just $25 it definitely fits in the category of being price friendly.

Reasonably price and all, the Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 air cooler have pretty decent specs in terms of cooling,  featuring a 120mm PWN controlled fan with a air-flow 7-blade fan design. It sports a non-interfering cooling design, which basically means the cooler itself will not impede you from placing the memory into the DRAM slot. The fins are thickly constructed out of aluminum with four Direct Contact copper heat pipes, this should deliver an effective heat dissipation.

For me, the standout feature on the Silent 12 cooler is the self lubricating hydraulic bearing, which will reduce heavy friction and noise. There's even a seal cap that will prevent any type of leakage of lubricant extending the life of the unit. Then there's the Low Noise Cable that comes with the unit, another standout feature which according to Thermaltake will reduce the noise level by about 24% and increase the fan speed by 27%. Under heavy workload the fan can go from 500- 1500 RPM, 400 - 1100 RPM (with LNC). Noise level measuring  at 28.8 dBA, 22.1 dBA (with LNC) .

The entire unit itself measures 6-inch at length weighing just 1.54 pounds, made for the AMD AM4 socket that is also compatible with Intel LGA socket 1366 ( quick note: I used the highest socket available for this post). 

As stated earlier in this post, the TermalTake Contac Silent cooler retails for just $25, price varies with different vendors give or take a few dollars. Nice compact cooler that have some pretty decent cooling features that's budget friendly for the budget conscious PC enthusiast, definitely should be included in your next system build.



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