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Let's Take a Close Look at My Samsung Galaxy S 10-Plus Camera Shall We?

Let's Take a Close Look at My Samsung Galaxy S 10-Plus Camera Shall We?


The Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus has been in my possession now for two weeks now, and I know I’m a bit late in the game with my opinionated take on this device which has now been on the market for three months. And trust me, there are tons of reviews on the web for your choosing. Rather than give my review on the whole device, I decided to examine an essential feature that lends uniqueness to the smartphone overall. For me, by far the most impressive hardware in the Galaxy S 10-Plus is the camera or camera’s plural as there are several on this device.

Let’s carefully examine the Galaxy S 10-Plus image capturing capability.

It’s Got Five On It

There are a total of five cameras on the Galaxy S 10-Plus, two front-facing and three in the rear. This device is one of a few cameras on the market that has more than three cameras. Interestingly enough, each camera on the Galaxy S 10-Plus functions differently. In the rear, you have the 16 MP f2/2 aperture, an 12mm ultra wide angle lens, a 12MP, f2.4 aperture, 26mm wide Dual Pixel lens, optical image stabilizer, camera number three is a 12MP telephoto that can zoom in a subject 2x.

I've posted several images using T’Chala as a prop on a rooftop detailing how the telephoto, wide angle and ultra-wide camera operates.


Here’s a up close shot using the telephoto camera. Just look at T’Chala ready for battle.


Switching over to a wide-angle camera captures more of trees in the background and rooftop. Even catching the reflection in the puddle on the edge of the roof.


Now I’ve gone with the 16MP ultra-wide camera, not only capturing T’Chala who’s still ready for battle, you can view the trees, the entire roof ,and buildings in the foreground.

The fantastic thing is I’m not engaging in any physical movement for the closeup and wide angle shots, I’m stationary. Switching cameras are made possible through its software button. Also from my perspective, I see no hint of distortion in any of these images, very crisp and clear. I might add I captured these images on a grey dreary day in Brooklyn NYC.

The Power of Two


In front of the smartphone, you have a dual-camera setup, and much like the rear, each camera has a specific function. You have a 10MP f/1.9 aperture 26mm for wide angle shots, a Dual Pixel PDA; then there's the 8MP camera with an f2/2 aperture using a 2mm wide-angle lens that features depth sensor for those shallow field images. Interestingly enough, the camera super fast auto-focus still produces superbly sharp photos as you can see in the pictures below. Much like the rear cameras, the two dual-front facing cameras feature a software button giving extensive views for those group selfies.

Here’s a group photo of all of my Funko-pop collectibles which is rather lame on my part being that selfie images are usually captured using live subjects, you know me and some human beings. But you get the idea; I’m trying to demonstrate how the front-facing camera should be used.


Let use the imagination a bit and pretend T’Challa is holding the smartphone for a more close up selfie shot.


Switching cameras you’ll notice along with T’Challa more subjects are included in this image, Storm, the Punisher, Vision, Flash ,and Okoye.

With That Said, Here’s My Overall Take On The Galaxy S 10-Plus Camera


There's the saying in the tech community the best camera you'll ever own is sitting right in your pocket. Not only is the Galaxy S 10-Plus an excellent smartphone, but it has an incredible camera.

Admittedly, I'm not a photo enthusiast, but I know quality photos when I see one and the Galaxy S 10-Plus does take some beautiful pictures. The color reproduction is on point though in specific situations when there are tons of lighting images can be a bit saturated, at least from my viewed perspective.

Even though I didn't post any videos in this post, HDR test footage I did shot with the Galaxy S 10-Plus were high quality, dare I say video quality is almost on par with the current iPhone X. Like the still images, the videos are vibrant and colorful. Importantly, image stabilization is on point. I must remind readers when shooting HDR videos on this smartphone a considerable amount of file space will be used.

Now smartphone's such as the Galaxy S 10-Plus will not replace the DSLR camera; no smartphone will. But it certainly does captures high-quality pictures that are comparable. Indeed making this the best camera you’ll probably ever own.

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