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Whats There To Know About The Samsung 950 Pro NVMe PCIe SDD

Samsung manufactures some of the best consumer base SSD's on the market,one of them being the EVO 850 series. They're fast as all SSD's should be,so what makes the EVO 850 series a sort after storage drive is its high rate of reliability and its very stable under heavy workloads. So what does Samsung do to top their brilliantly made SSD? By launching the new 950 Pro M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD.

I always find PCIe SSD's so amazing because these are actual storage devices that slides right into a PCIe slot ( PCIe x4 slot to be exact),I've stated on many occasion that PCIe SSD's will be the future of consumer storage technology.Enough with the my love fest already ,here's whats to know about the 950 Pro.

The 950 Pro is equipped with the NVMe interface that enhances the storage drives bandwidth. The 950 Pro with its enhanced bandwidth and all, will have the ability to handle very intensive workloads, yet remain energy efficient even at peak workloads.

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

Samsung incorporates what many calls innovative and that's V-NAND technology. The sole purpose of this technology is to increase the lifespan of its insulators which lessons the stress level and handle any sort of wear and tear.The main feature for me within the 950 Pro is its Thermal Throttle Protection technology. This technology reduces heat by controlling the temperature of the drive. This cuts down overall heat while the drive sustain high performance.

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

The 950 Pro PCIe SSD has a very compact M.2 form factor, small enough to fit right into a laptop,but don't be fool by its miniature size,it can also be used in high-end PC's and workstations as a primary drive.

So what about those spec numbers. The 950 Pro PCie SSD comes in two storage capacity flavors, 256GB and 512GB.It has a insanely fast read/write speed,up to 2,5000 MB/sec sequential read speeds, up to 1,500 MB/sec sequential write speeds.

To sum it all up,the Samsung 950 Pro SSD is a consumer storage drive that's basically a PCIe slot storage card I might add. It's small and compact in dimensions yet has an insane read-write speeds, can handle heavy workloads that rival much the bigger hard drives.To access such great storage technology surprisingly for a PCIe SSD, the prices is very consumer friendly at $199.99 256GB and $349.99 512GB.

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