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Two Must Have Computer Cases I Think You Should Have For You Next Build

I always judge a good or shall I say a real good computer case on several things,features and how much room I can fit my hardware inside so I can better manage my cable,and of course the obvious,the design of the case. Here's two cases I love so much and can't wait to get my hands on it for my next computer build. These two cases have generated some positive reviews in the hardware community and you should consider purchasing for your next computer build.

Fractal Design Define R4

This all black cube shape case has all the features you need to house your hardware in an organize fashion. It supports the latest liquid cooling setup and allows top fan positioning,you can mount a 240/280mm radiator. Like most modern cases today it has a very flexible removable HDD cages, there is also steel drive trays with silicone mounting grommets. In total the Fractal Design R4 supports 8 3.5'' HDD and or 2.5" SSD.

All the features I just mentioned are by far not what makes this computer case so unique. Its the cases acoustics is the star features as the Fractal Design R4 comes fully loaded with sound dampening material that's draws out the annoying sound of spinning fans.

Price: $99


NZXT Phantom 820

The most expensive out the two and it bit over kill in terms of features,but nonetheless its over kill with of lots of great features ,and you also have to throw in the fact that the reason for the case over saturation of features is because its a pretty big measuring at 28 x 12-inches.

The NZXT Phantom features (one of many) a state of the art 4-channel digital fan controller that has 15 watts per channel and there is even LED indicators that gets brighter during high speed operations and dims for much lower settings.

Liquid cooling  junkies will love the NZXT Phantom as it fully supports a 360mm top radiator as well as a bottom 280mm radiator. For more on case cooling its also equipped with an additional 140mm rear fan and three 200mm fans.

There is the usual USB 3.0 and quad USB 2.0 support that's located in the front,side, and bottom of the case and a audio jack. Interestingly though unseen in most computer case there  is a SD card reader for high speed data transfer.

The LED light indicators does add some cool factor to this case if anything.

Price: $270




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