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PC Tools Weekly Presents: Launchy

The good thing about PC's are they can always be configured too your liking ,either by making changes to settings or install a third party app. A prime example of settings you can change or implement in Windows are keyboard launchers, you can actually press certain keys on your keyboard that enables users to launch certain features in Windows,like for instance the Task Manager,it can be launch using the fame three finger salute ( CTRL +ALT+DEL). But is there a app than can launch every single app and features in Windows? Yes,its call Launchy.

Launchy is a very efficient way to open not only your files ,but you can open folders, your web browser and programs on your computer. I can certainly speak for the masses and say I hate having to hunt down a app in the Start Menu. Sometimes these apps may lay hidden under some folder guise under another name. Launchy is a very intelligent search app which tries to guess which program or file you maybe looking for and will actually launch it simply by hitting a certain key. To launch Launchy,simply press ATL+SPACE, otherwise the app itself will hide quietly within the background. Once you've used Launchy for a couple hours or so it'll definitely become the most used utility app.

How to use Launchy? It basically installs itself right into your Startup folder (its actually buried in your start menu) and will automatically operate every single time you power on your computer. Now Launchy won't appear on your desktop,it quietly lays hidden in the background until you summon it for use. To have it appear for use,simply hold down the ALT+SPACE. Once Launchy is up and running, simply just type up any program you're looking for,press enter and that program will launch.

Launchy is probably is one of my favorite free apps I've downloaded on my PC to date, and as always apps that are recommended on PC Tools Weekly are free. Launchy is available for Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Every single download site such as Sourceforge, Softonic, and Fliphippo have given Launchy 4 1/2 to 5 star rating, the praises are certainly well deserved as the app does serve a valued purpose with a high rate of functionality.  

You can head right over Lauchy website and download this app. As always I strongly recommend that you stay away from, upon download you will offloaded with bundleware and malware that will do harm to your computer.

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