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Xbox One Will Now Support Backward Compatible Multi-Disc Games

The inability of today's gaming consoles such as the Xbox One supporting backwards compatible games has always been a negative drawback, especially if you want to enjoy such great games like Mass Effect 2 and 3, both classic titles. Well fret not, the Xbox One will now roll out backward compatible games that will span multiple discs, starting with titles such as Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut. This all means you can now enjoy the mentioned classic games on yes, your current gen Xbox One.

News of Xbox backward compatibility first broke in a Reddit post linking a story on GameHeadQuaters as the Xbox spokesman who goes by the name Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb replied on the thread and basically confirming reports of multi-disc functionality.

As quoted: " I can confirm that BC team has done work to support multi-disc scenarios," he also added "Be sure to thank the BC engineers."

 This is definitely a welcome edition to the Xbox One, those who haven't yet played such great gaming titles enjoyed on the Xbox 360, well now get that chance.

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