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Case Logic DLBP-116 16-inch Laptop Backpck: The Review

I think I found me the perfect laptop backpack,I been in the hunt for the perfect backpack for years now. While searching for the perfect backpack, I wasted countless amounts of money. My endeavored mission of finding the perfect laptop back has come to a sudden halt as I just purchased the Case Logic DLBP-116 16-inch laptop backpack.

In description,the Case Logic backpack is 16-inches in length and can hold any size laptop that's made today.There are two zippered pockets on both sides,both are big enough to hold all of your mobile devices, mp3 players and smartphones to be exact. It can also hold charging cables and even your cords to your laptops. The zippered pockets on the top of the backpack is constructed out of a scratch resistance material,perfect place to store your sunglasses and reading glasses.

The Case Logic backpack main selling point is its nice compact design.Seriously,its so compact you're wondering how can you store anything inside,let alone your laptop,but you can. Inside the backpack its main compartment is organize discipline and very roomy,extremely roomy. It includes an integrated laptop pocket that separates the laptop from the rest of your belongings. Its perfect for housing laptops that has a 15 -inch screen, its also roomy enough to accommodate your 17-inch MacBook Pro.

The extended yoke which connects the shoulders straps distributes weight perfectly across your shoulders, this adds a lot of comfort to my entire back. The padded straps is lined up with air mesh which allows for a better flow of air,which keeps your upper back from perspiring during hot weather. The shoulder straps are constructed perfectly for me because I have serious back issues.

There isn't anything else to say about the Case Logic DLP-116 laptop backpack other than up to date its probably the best backpack I ever purchased. Pretty much suits my overall needs,it well compartmentalize inside the backpack, it is very compact, and it has a nice sleek exterior design. For a backpack that seems so small and compact,there is a lot room inside,enough room to even pack overnight clothes.

This Case Logic 16-inch backpack is very reasonable in price at $31.99, you can now purchase it from Amazon.





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