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Lian LI Unveils its new D4 4 Standing Desk With Computer Enclosure

For those lucky enough to attend CES 2016, the announcement made by Lian Li of its new standing computer desk the DK 04 should not come as a surprise to some as this desk was premiered at this years electronic trade show. Now I've viewed video reviews of desks like in this past, and I must say, an adjustable desk that allows one to get off your lazy ass up and stand up while working on various projects is quite impressive.

Image source: PC Perspective

Image source: PC Perspective

This particular adjustable desk though is different aside from its insanely expensive price which is $1499, to justify its expensive price tag, owners of this adjustable desk have the option to morph it into a full functional computer. The enclosure inside the desk allow one as a option to install computer hardware. The entire desk alone is made out of solid aluminum so it definitely sturdy.

Here's a word from the executives: "Standing desks aren’t just fashionable, they’re proven to be beneficial and healthy in multiple ways. Lian Li sought to design a new computer desk chassis in this spirit. Users can configure up to four different height settings, from 67.5cm to 116cm, for the desk to automatically adjust to at the press of a button. The DK-04 can serve as a standing desk for work and switch to a sit-down gaming desk in an instant!" 

As of now I would say the adjustable desk is still a lofty trend, but not for long as there is a great deal of health benefits. This particular desk though is definitely not for the casual consumer, but more for the PC enthusiast.




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