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SanDisk is the first to break the 1TB storage barrier on a SD card

 SanDisk which is under the Western Digital umbrella and company that manufacturers all things storage has just achieved another milestone in the category of SD cards by unveiling 1TB Extreme Pro SDXC prototype, claiming the mantle as being the world's first to break the 1TB barrier on a SD card.

 SanDisk supplanting storage capacity milestones with SD cards is nothing out of the ordinary, it was just two years ago the company released the worlds first 512GB SD card. And taking it further back in time, 16 years ago SanDisk were the first to crack the 64MB mark on a SD card.Storage capacity trend setters to say the least.

The 1TB SD card is 16,000 times greater in capacity than the SanDisk's first 64MB card. This added 500GB of storage will give video enthusiast and photographers ability to shoot continuous high definition images and 4K videos. With VR technology coming to fruition, the need for a 1TB SD card will most certainly be beneficial. 

There is no definitive set price or release date of the 1TB Extreme SDXC since this storage device is still a prototype. As a point of reference, the SanDisk 512GB Extreme retails for $352. I expect to see that price point double once it hits the market, but don't hold me to that prediction. 

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