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In depth look at the iPhone 7: Here's what you need to know

Unless you been away from the confides of the Internet for reasons unknown, Apple has just released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Now I don't want to bore with the semantics so let's cut right to the chase and give you an in depth look at the smartphone.  Here's everything you need to know about Apple's newly released handheld device, the iPhone 7.

Bumped up Camera Specs

Here's a shocker, Apple has just vastly upgraded their camera technology on the iPhone 7 especially with the iPhone 7 Plus. Now my previously typed passage may come off as being snide and sarcastic, and trust me that is not my intention, its just that in years past Apple for whatever reason seemed to had played it way too safe with their cameras Not to say it didn't produce quality pics, it did. The iPhone since it's inception have always captured beautiful pictures. I always felt it was time for Apple to up the ante in their camera specs, rivaling their competitors. With the new iPhone 7, you have a camera that may seemingly set itself apart from the rest of the smartphones on the market.

So what we have here with the iPhone 7 camera is 12MP rear, 7MP front facing, with dual lens on the rear portion of the smartphone on iPhone 7 Plus. Let's talk about the dual lens, because this photo technology is most certainly  impressive.  Each lens have a specific function, there's the Wide-angle lens and then there's Telephoto lens for up close shots. The telephoto lens alone will bring better quality zoom in images from greater distances. And, coming soon to a iPhone 7 camera near you is dept-of-field effect technology which will be implemented in a future software update. The whole depth-of-field effect will allow users to keep the object they're capturing up close nicely sharp, while blurred effect is created in the background. That is the wonderful advantage of using a dual-camera system.

The iPhone 7 still retains its optical image stabilization feature,  3X longer exposure than the last generation iPhone 6. It has a much larger aperture at f/1.8 allowing 50 percent more light onto its sensor, better than ever users can capture images in low light conditions. There's Quad-LED flash, four to be exact, which for me over kill, nonetheless users are now afforded with much brighter images thanks to it having True Tone Flash technology. Here's uniqueness for you, the actual flash adjusts accordingly to the temperature of the environment, thus giving you nicely bright and sharp images.


Tweaked Design

No drastic changes to the design of the iPhone 7 whatsoever, in fact, it accurately stays true to all the mock ups we've seen circulating around the Internet for the past couple of months. If I can describe the design of the iPhone 7 in just one word, tweaked. The overall build is exactly the same as the previous generation models, keeping its slender compact build.

The antenna band is no longer placed across the upper and lower portion of the smartphone like with past models is now situated on the very top and bottom of the device, making it almost hidden from the naked eye.

Consumers still have choices of Rose Gold, Silver, and gold. Now added to the lineup of color choice is matte black and jet black models, with the matte black being my favorite out of the five. Crafted out of bead blasted aluminum giving way to nicely rich matte finish. The glossy black version though a beautiful looking smartphone there's raised red flag especially when Apple suggested that future purchasers buy a protective case. The gloss finish will definitely succumb to finger prints and scratches. Anyone remember the iPhone 3GS? Same glossy finish that generated cat like scratches and unlimited amount of finger smudges.

Guess what? You no longer have to scour around for cover from the rain, or go into a sudden shock when your iPhone fall in knee deep puddle of water. You now have a Apple smartphone, the iPhone 7,  joining the ranks of Samsung and Sony in having a device that's dust and water resistant thanks in part to it having a IP67 rating. I'm assuming that it can be submerged in 5 feet of water for 30 mins without it succumbing to any water damage.

The home button I consider it being more of a hardware upgrade as oppose to it being a design overhaul, as the home button has a advance solid state design,meaning there is no physical clicking. More durable and pressure sensitive that will work in unison with the newly added Taptic Engine, the same technology that's used in the Macbook and Apple Watch. You'll now have a home button that'll have a more precise tactile feedback.

You have two different variant sizes, with the iPhone 7 you have an overall length measuring in at 5.44-inches, 6.23-inches for the iPhone 7 Plus, 

The Display and Hardware 

I want to let off the big sigh of disappointment with Apple for still not having the iPhone cross the 2000 MP barrier, the iPhone 7 has a display resolution the measures 1334 x 750 MP,  1920 x 1080 MP for the iPhone 7-Plus. Now defense, both these displays still retains retina technology which gives it the super HD crispy images.

(Honorable but forgot to mention: both displays have backlit widescreen and are Multi-Touch with IPS technology)

When it comes down to overall hardware, the iPhone 7 and 7-Plus have the A 10 Fusion system chip with a Quad-core processor that have a core clock speed the measures 1.8GHz. On the memory front, for some unknown reason Apple never discloses the amount of memory that's in their iPhones, upon further research and Googling I discovered that the iPhone 7 has 2GB of RAM while the iPhone 7-Plus have 3GB.

The hardware within the iPhone 7 for me is a step down from its rivals that have more RAM,faster processors, yet the past generation iPhone 6 outperformed the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge in recent published benchmark tests. In theory, I think this is because IOS is less taxing on the smartphones hardware, just an educated guess on my part.

Here's what will score score some big brownie points with Apple, finally they have discontinued the 16GB iPhone. Remember those days when you downloaded 5 apps and suddenly you have blown half your storage capacity, no more. Now future purchasers have the normal choices of storage capacity,starting with 32GB,128GB and 256GB.





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